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Best 12 3D launcher apps for android for amazing look

Android devices has lot of features and enable us to perform much things such as in fun mode cartoon editing, photo filtering and in reading mode option of zoom in and zoom out of search page to comfort eyes. In spite of this Google has also announced superb 3D launcher apps. Apps has much significance in small window, that allows you to customize android screens as wish, enable to get rid from old styles of icons, tool and task bars.
App mangers designed apps in easy format, but you have to spend lot of time to search out to check their properties, advantages and many other things. To save you from such a headache, I selected those apps that are really very great in their functionality. To avoid problems of previous launcher set up convert in to modern 3D launcher apps by that runs smoothly without effecting your android device speed.

3D launcher apps for android for amazing look

APSU Launcher 3D – themes, wallpapers, efficient

My first app is TSF launcher 3D shell app which is famous among all brand new 3D launcher apps. It runs as smooth as silk. App format is really very simple; user can download it from the Google play store. It enables to personalize android screen as you desired. It has great features as well as nice themes. Its great feature is the allocation of android screen customization as you wish. App has 3D animation transactions effects for your android screens; aside from these effects user can add more desired effects. It supports more than 10 widgets in unique style.APSU Launcher 3D - themes, wallpapers, efficient - theinfotube

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3D rose launcher- classic rose theme

If you are lover of red roses and want to upload such app which is truly based on the red rose than this app is best for you. It offers collection of beautiful 3D red rose’s theme wall papers with which you can give lovable look to android devices. 3D launcher is packed with interesting interactions &cool 3D gestures effect.
It has stunning and well designed best launching icons which run smoothly without manipulate your mobile speed. When you tap the button to personalize phone, screen icons will gradually modernized and background changed with 3D red rose theme automatically. So, don’t miss to upload that app.3D Rose Launcher Theme - theinfotube

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Elegant 3D Pink Rose Theme

Elegant 3D pink rosé app does much more which its name suggest. User can easily personalize phone with classy 3D pink rose wallpaper and dew theme along magic gestures and superb animation effects that give lovable look to android screens. After applying 3D cool effects successfully you can change whole background, lock screen wall paper while keeping elegant style of icons same.
App is free from blenders and does not affect your traditional mobile launcher; has compatibility with 99% android devices. App also has battery saving function so you don’t need to worry about battery power.Elegant 3D Pink Rose Theme - theinfotube

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U Launcher 3D

U Launcher 3D pro is a quick and easy online world leading application to personalize android home screen in desired form. Just install that app and convert your mobile screen with thousands of free themes and wallpapers of various types to make your phone look more and more appealing.
Also, allows you to view 2D or 3D themes and normal HD themes in just a one or single tap and choice of choosing a theme in the draw of world themes.U Launcher 3D - theinfotube
U Launcher 3D adds updated themes for coming Christmas and new year, user can use themes to share happiest moments to any one in delightful manner.

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Super S10 Launcher – SS Galaxy S10 Launcher

S 10 launcher- SS Galaxy S10 is quick versatile launching app forever user can easily upload that app form the android platform after examines its features. Its basic feature is Galaxy S10 icon pack and Samsung Galaxy S10 beautiful wall papers; support to colorful and transparent live wall paper is its key features.
App has more than 10 thousand daily users; has received positive reviews from them and are compatible with all android devices.
It is a light modern, fast and light modern launcher that runs smoothly without creating trouble for traditional device launcher. Just upload and convert wallpaper in to 21QHD wall papers with high resolutions. Launcher has collection of cool icon packages and allows you to adjust font size, style as you want. Be happy because app features are totally free.Super S10 Launcher - SS Galaxy S10 Launcher - theinfotube

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3D icon launcher theme

Install that pretty 3D icon launcher theme app to personalize screen of Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and mobile of various brands. The best and cooler theme and high quality HD wall papers give new and stylish look to your android device. After installing your traditional phone icons, weather and clock themes will shuffled in to modern 3D icon launcher.
there are splendid HD icon pack style to decorate all apps including social app and system app icons; provides full support to dynamic calendar icons. In fact, this dynamic 3D launcher makes your phone touchy style.3D Icon Launcher Theme - theinfotube

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Light launch light 3D launcher

This is an amazing 3D interfaces and animations light launcher that runs smoothly with 3D graphics. It has collection of notified 3D effects, icons to decorate apps and style to scaling to adjust option of big or small icon. You can scroll apps as you like and can adjust other pages to apply HD widgets. For further features download that app first. I highly recommend this app because it is one of the best app among the most famous 3D launcher apps.LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher - theinfotube

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Diamond Pink Rose Theme

Diamond pink rose theme app is very popular among the girls due to its colorful and romantic live wallpapers. 3D live wallpapers theme with the blend of fashion elements gives an elegant look. On holidays or special events you can easily find out the particular event live wallpapers theme.Diamond Pink Rose Theme - theinfotube

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3D Red Rose Live Wallpaper – Spring Garden Themes

This app is also attractive towards rose lovers and has incredible collection of best spring themes, red rose HD wallpapers. There are many ways to customize the wallpapers according to you creative ideas, like add star animations, can write your name or quote, can apply the desired fonts from the good font collections. You can also emotions to wallpaper with some animations and also supported with android devices of well known manufacturers.3D Red Rose Live Wallpaper Spring Garden Themes -  theinfotube

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Black 3D Launcher

Black 3d Launcher theme with HD quality, amazing graphics, and epic icons setting gives amazing look to your phone. This theme has epic visual effects like you can change the icons with best matching you theme, can change font and colors, and can change phone name etc. It could be your android phone launcher as it gives more customization than others.Black 3D Launcher - theinfotube

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Launcher New 2020 Theme, 3D Version

Launcher New 2020 theme app turns your boring device screen into elegant, cool look. Plus point of this app is notifying you if device is not compatible with 3d app launcher app. You can optimize your screen with the incredible collection of 2020 themes, can customize apps icons, can change font, color and can apply many other features also.Launcher New 2020 Theme, 3D Version - theinfotube

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3D Launcher New 2020

This 3d app launcher app adds eye catching graphics elements to your android device according to your imaginations. A mostly app user loves to stylish and elegant look with blending of colors, themes etc. 3d app launcher app provides you all above features and functionality. You have solid control of these elements by installing the 3D Launcher 2020 app.3D Launcher New 2020 - theinfotube

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