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Best 7 Urdu Naat apps for android

Everyone knows that naat is written in the praise of Hazrat Muhammad (saw). The person or Child, who recites the naat, is given the title of “naat khawn” or “sana khawan”. In Whole world, there are so many famous Urdu naat khawans, whose voices are as sweet as nightingale like owais raza qadari, shahid mehmood, Marghoob Hamdni.
There is no difficulty to access to the famous urdu naats of all Naat khawans. Even more you can feed them in your mobile, record them on DVDs. Thus you can listen the, whenever you wish anywhere. You can also make playlist of your own style, voice to recite the naats. There are plenty of urdu Naat apps, which are available with different options. With these urdu naat apps features you can filter according to your imaginations and desires.

Best Urdu Naat apps

Here you can get some famous android urdu naat apps.

Naat sharif

This is the superlative app because it provides you facility to listen beautiful naats of all naat khawans like owais raza qadari, farhan ali qadri,juanid jamshed, faish uddine soharwardi. With the help of this app you can also get the detail of the naats of a naat khawan and can listen it among the renowned languages such as English, Persian, Arabic and urdu.Naat Sharif - theinfotube

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Naats (audio/video)

With the help of this app you can get double advantage because it gives you the opportunity to listen the audio and watch the video of naat at a same time. This app works smoothly in the background, when you are working on other file. You can also make the list of your favorite naats and can get the version of a desired naat in different language like Punjabi, Arabic.Naats Collection - theinfotube

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Madani naats

This app holds a decent number among renowned apps, purely based on madani naats lets to listen it in easy way. it creates an album of immense naats and play it one by one in the background. Package of naats for Islamic months (Ramadan, eid milad- ul- nabi) are designed according to occasion.Madani Naats - theinfotube

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Hamd-o-naat shraif (S.A.W.W) OFFLINE

One of best app forever; can be upload easily from the playstore page. it provides you not great opportunity to warm blood by listenting naats as well as Hamds in the soulful voices of famous naat khawans.
Additionally, sufiana kalam, dua, durood- o- salam and Maa ki shan are also part that great Islamic app. user can listen naats in completely offline mode.Hamd-o-Naat Sharif - theinfotube

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Majmooa e naat

Majmooa e naat app is based on the marvellious collection of naatiya kalamin in the languages of both English and urdu. hadaique e bakhshish, safeena bakhshish and many others are assorted kalams which leave deep impact on the soul.
Plus, runs smoothly to avoid online mode and stored naats in the local space of android after uploading.Majmooa e Naat - theinfotube

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naat ka khazana

A notified MP3 application which allows you to listen voice of more than 200 naat khawans as well as up to 3000 naats. its positive features is nice interface, best sound quality.Naat Ka Khazana - theinfotube

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zauq e naat

zauqe naat app is basicllly book of imam Hassan raza kahn(r.a) along offline mode. this book contain hamad, naat and manqabats. every page of book is easy to read you can also use option of zoom and zoom out to comfort to eyes. Its paper layout is really very attractive.
After uploading you can rate it easily if you like. So users should try this app in little while.Zauq e Naat - theinfotube

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