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Best 8 android apps to learn 99 Names of Allah (Asma-ul-usna)

It is well known fact that every field whether Islamic, educational, games apps are present on webstore that is best way to engage and gathers users attention in one point through application features, surveys positive and negative comments. For Islamic apps built on web form, there is abundance of bits and pieces you can take advantage of it instantly.
In Islamic world every Muslim have wish to learn names of Allah in cores of heart, Allah’s beautiful names are known as “Asma ul Husna” there is one surah which has name of Allah and also starts from the name of Allah (surah Rehman). All names of Allah almighty shows his meanings, attributes and detail such as Allah (the greatest name), Ar-Rehman (merciful), Ar-Rahim ( beneficent), Al-Malik ( absolute ruler) and many others. Muslims of whole worlds recite “Asma ul Husna” with highly sanctity and memorize it. The reward of reciting Asma-ul- usna is paradise and also surety to get achievement in every part of life. A person who recites the names of Allah daily Allah will remove all worldly tensions from their mind and heart, will award him success in future plans and fulfill his wishes.
However I gathered here highly reputed apps that I have come to know and experience it by myself. Take look of following apps these apps assist you with lot reading learning Asma ul Hasna with their meanings.

Best Allah Name Apps

Asma Husna – Allah Names

Asma ul Husna is an amazing Islamic app which is designed for the Muslims of world over who want to listen names of Allah everywhere at every time on their mobiles. It comes with jam-packed features. You can read, memorize the names of Allah and get animations of the names from the Holy Quran. Benefits of the Holy names are present in foreign language (English) as well as mother language (Urdu). You can also set a digital tasbee counter for repeating names.
Moreover, everyone can share names and details with the Muslims of world over through the help of social media.Asma al Husna - Allah Names - Theinfotube

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99 names of Allah: Asma ul Husna

Millions of people like to subscribe because it is best to read and memorize the names of Allah along with meanings. You can also know about the origin of the word “Asma ul Husna”. The meanings and details of all names are in both English and Urdu language. To comfort your inner soul you can read gorgeous names of Allah without having internet connection.99 Names of Allah AsmaUlHusna - Theinfotube

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99 names of Allah with meanings

This app is offered by Muslim Islamic Utility for all the Muslims who love Allah Almighty and daily recite Holy names. There are certain features of this app such as you can read and memorize Holy names in Urdu, English and Arabic language on your mini mobile screens. Its interface is really great and sound quality is very clear. After installing, you can refresh your soul by listening names of Allah whenever you want without connection of wifi.99 Names of Allah with Meaning and Benefits -Theinfotube

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Asmaslides: Asma ul husna Audio

Like me, many people love to use this app due to its amazing features. It enables us to learn the holy names of Allah along with meanings, description, Dalil evidence and reward of reciting each name. This app also supported multiple languages and gives you option to choose the favorite language and marking of favorite book name. It has excellent interface. By using the slides of this app you can learn Asma ul husna in easy way.AsmaSlides AsmaulHusna Audio - Theinfotube

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99 names of Allah

With the help of this app you can listen and read the most beautiful and gorgeous names of Allah subhantalla on all your android devices such as mobiles, tabs, I pads etc. Here, you can recite the Holy names of Allah in both Arabic and English language.
By accessing this app, you can also set wallpaper of the names of Allah on your mobiles. It supports widget and allows you to share your favorite data to your friends through social networks like whats app, e-mail etc.99 Names of Allah - Theinfotube

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Benefits of Asma ul Husna

This app comprehensively contains on the beautiful names of Allah, gives you list of benefits of recitation, meanings of Asma ul Husna in multi languages. I am also using that app over a year doing great job without creating any hurdle. Other advanced features include ability to drag, zoom in zoom out, can share image on via E-mail, add copied image in SD card and keep in view on mobile screen.Benefits of Asma Ul Husna - Theinfotube

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Allah name live wallpaper

Technique of that app is different it drags all time attention of Muslim brothers to adjust Allah name wallpapers with beautiful parallex, high width pixels and make faith more and more stronger. It’s good extension to keep balance between work and calmness of soul. It works with all android devices including mobile phones, Tablets so fully enjoy it as it is totally free. you can adjust rotate mode to cycle glorious images.ALLAH Name Live Wallpaper Special Ramadan LWP - Theinfotube

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Asma ul husna with audio

Likely other above apps this is another great extension to learn names of Allah to listen from MP3. If you want to know other information placed some words app will show benefits as well meanings, motives from Quran in search results so you would know what you want to know or learn can also postpone information to later read. You must select one language between English and Indonesidean. Remember names are present in the soulful voices of 30 recitiors you can listen your favorite voice.Asmaul Husna With Audio - Theinfotube

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