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Best History Apps of 2020 to boost your Knowledge

History is the precious asset of every nation. In my opinion, nations can never forget its history because it is the way through which nations can recognize their past mistakes. History keeps in touch with the sacrifices of our earlier generations, forefathers for the freedom of a country. Every one has smart phone can easily detail of any event in history through android  History Apps. Nations who forget their history, sacrifices of their brothers and never take decisions by confronting the past mistakes can never gain honor, respect and high status in the world.

History of every nation is vast; it is full of the stories of their heroes, important wars and decisions which were taken at that time.
Due to the vastness of the history, no one can remember exact date of wars, date of births of their heroes, their excellent performance in wars and never known when, why important decisions was taken. To keep in front the difficulty in memorizing of history, android offers some amazing history apps which will help to remember their history and update you from your national heroes.

By following these apps you can enhance your history knowledge and can prepare yourself for any quiz competition of history. So, here in this post I am going to tell you about those apps that will keep you in touch with precious asset, history.
Now we start the best apps to increase general knowledge.

Best History Apps of 2020

BBC History Magazine

Now you have the UK‘s best selling BBC History Magazine on your smart phone and have access on all British historic and internal topics with the reviews and option of the experts as well. BBC History Magazine apps provide you historic news, key events and detail information about legends of past, about their lives and also different ideas to visit the best historical place in your upcoming holidays.BBC History Magazine - International Topics - theinfotube

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History in pictures

This app enables you to know about your heroes, wars through the collection of more than hundreds of photos. You can set the theme of historical photos from light to dark. Here you can enjoy latest version of photos every 24 hours. These photos reveal history and to comfort your eyes you can set its zooming power. Interesting thing is that you can share your favorite history photos to your friends through the twitter, face book and e –mail.History In Pictures - theinfotube

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World history e-book

Every history enthusiastic person prefers to install this app; instead of other apps because this app is best to read history of world in the form of an e- book. The book of this app has contents of world over history. It lets you about the past events, history of ancients and medieval, about Greek and Romans, modern world, revolutionary world wars and much more. It has simple and excellent interface you can search your topic of interest in just one or two second. You can use all contents of e-book freely as well as can prepare him for any history quiz competition.
Along with such capabilities, this app is useful for recall and refresh mind of students for history exam. It is free of ads so you can follow this app without tension of battery saving.World History - theinfotube

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Learn world history (free)

Learn world history app is offered by Joe Morris; for the purpose of creating lenience in memorizing important events of history. This is must history learning app on android because it acknowledge you about the events of past in sequence. You can about the world over civilization from start to end. It keeps you in touch with the historical events like 1801, 1802 and other wars as 1965. Also, you can choose your favorite category of history to read, for acknowledgment of yourself in science, arts and culture.Learn World History Free - theinfotube

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World history dictionary offline

This is one of the cool apps of world history on Google play store because it has unique features. One of these feature is that it tells about the events of past with the references of actual date. In just flashing an eye, you can search date of every event. It not only tells about the historical rulers but also keep in touch with political issues and revolutions of the past like French revolution and Greek and Indian history etc.
With the help of this app you can know about the current condition of politics.World History Dictionary Offline App - theinfotube

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World history trail

To keep in touch especially with the events of 17th and 18th century, superb world history trail is designed. It lets you about all events in the concise manner related to political issues, wars and English literature. You can know about new astonishing discoveries of that era. This app is simple and easy to use.
Option of data transfer is also there; transfer data can be used offline and you can install data on SD card.World History Trial - theinfotube

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