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Top 10 apps to listen and read surah yaseen on Android

Holy Quran is the massive blessing of Allah almighty which he has bestowed for guidance of whole mankind. This book serves as a reformer and offers of all problems. It is collection of 30 spars. The heart of this holy book is surah yaseen. Muslims of world over recites it, memorize it, listen it with high respect and esteem.
There are countless rewards for the person, who recites surah yaseen & Naat like it invokes mercy of Allah to forgive his sins, raise respect, gives him inner calm, answer his prayers and serve as the way to get the gaiety of Allah. Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) has said that: Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of Quran is surah yaseen. I would love it that it be in the heart of every person of my people.”(tafsir-al- sabuni vol.2)
By the recitation of one time of surah yaseen you can get reward of ten Qurans. This surah also carries as a recommendation for the dying persons because it works as gate way to the other world. It gives spiritual calm to the soul. Prophet said that: “Recite yaseen on those who are dying.” (Dawd)
To consider the so much fazaliat of that surah android has present the wonderful apps of surah yaseen. This has recitation of surah yaseen in both audio and video forms. You can listen the beautiful recitation of that surah along translation. Following are the 5 best, fine apps of surah yaseen.

Top 10 apps to listen and read surah yaseen

Surah yaseen

Surah yaseen is one of the popular Islamic apps of this year that has more than thousands daily users. it’s no secret that this app serves as big plate form for Islamic information; allows to recite among the collection of five surahs( Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahamn, Surah Mulk, Surah Khaf,and Surah Waqia), and lot of other features that users come across by the continuously use of it. Tafseer, tajweed and translation of surahs are also added for your complete understanding. You can search meanings, transliteration of particular line in one second.
Through this app you can sooth your soul by listening the recitation of surahs in the soulful voices of renowned reciter’s Mishray Al-Afsay and Abdur Rahman. You can modify font size, text style according to android home screens. Holding process can be used during recitation.Surah Yasin

Download on Google Play

Surah Yaseen Mp3 English

Really, great app for your android devices because it able you to listen recite of surah yaseen in voice of all famous reciters along with translation of surah verse by verse. This app is easy to use and has comprehensive menu. This app also enable you to correct your pronunciation as well.Surah Yaseen Mp3 English - Theinfotube

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Surah yasin MP3- Surah yasin

This app is third in number but very special for the world over Muslim brothers and sisters because it lets to read surah along with translation; enable you to listen recitation of surah in the soulful voices of Mishary Rashid Alafasy and Abdul Rehman al Sudais. Option of translation in multiple languages such as urdu, Indonesia, hindi and Italian are also available. This app is completely offline so you can listen any time.Surah Yasin Mp3 - Surah Yaseen - Theinfotube

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Surah Yasin audio and tahlil

Millions of people like to download that app because this app works in better way; has more notified features than other Islamic simple apps. The chief characteristic is the allocation of read surah along with tahlil and translation in three languages English, Indonesia and Malay. After installing, user just has a click on the verse to repeat or translation of the word. In addition you can set display in Arabic and Latin text or just translation only.Surah Yaseen Audio and Tahlil - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Surah Yaseen (qari sudais)

This is latest fine app to listen recitation of the heart of Quran in the soul full voice of Qari Sudais. It has attractive and awesome HD design; translations are present in English and Urdu language and give free will of managing translation. It is best to read and learn surah yaseen.oreover its format is simple and its font size is easy to readable for everyone.Surah Yasin (Qari Sudais) - Theinfotube

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Yasin MP3

Check  this app also because it is one of good reciters voice of surah yasin which you ever like to wish. For it you don’t need to install MP3 separately just install it to connect with internet connection. After installing it will completely work in offline mode. recitiation of surah yasin in soulful voice of Mishary Rashid alafasy, Maher Al-muai qly is its mian claim. It’s important to note that this very first app of 2020.Yasin MP3 - Theinfotube

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Surah Yasin Arabic

It offers some basic claims. Its main calim is to provide additional information, meaning of word yasin along benefits which reciter can get from Allah. All information planned in bullets. Due to easy application format any one can use it with utter ease.Surah Yasin Arabic - Theinfotube

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Read Surah Yasin

This is an Islamic smart phone application that runs smoothly in your phones. Quite similar to above apps; allows you to listen and read surah yasin. It has best quality touching features, nice interface which are easy to use for every type of person.Read Surah Yaseen - Theinfotube

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Surah Yasin

Here you can both read and listen recitation of Quran heart surah yasin and read it in multiple translations. Translation is available in multi languages such as Arabic, Urdu, English, Spainch etc. but option of changing font size is available in Urdu. Reader can marked last read ayah to continue further reading next day as well as can save it to share with friends.Surah Yasin - Theinfotube

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Surah Yaseen Audio MP3 Offline

All Muslims over the world have desired to listen, recite the Surah Yaseen, because Surah Yasin has countless benefits. With this app remarkable feature, you can listen the Surah offline and in the voice of various famous reciters like Abdul Rahman Al Sudais etc. So you can enjoy the high quality Mp3 files offline any time.Surah Yaseen Audio MP3 Offline - Theinfotube

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