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Top watch cartoons online apps on android

Join us, if you love to watch cartoons online, because I am taking you in the world of cartoons. It is an extremely nice and long way of entertainment over the years, but currently in such materialistic world no one has time to watch cartoon on Tv. Android smart phone is an ideal way to watch cartoons online. There are many android apps that let you to watch cartoon online free.
There are lots of advantages like skip additional actions and turn directly on your favorite serials and save time for odd jobs. Cartoon streaming brings a revolutionary in cartoon industry and many cartoon streaming sites offer you to watch cartoons free online. There are plenty of android cartoon apps, that offer nice cartoon streaming, and you can watchcartoons online without any trouble. Here we have list of android cartoon streaming apps, collected by the experts at theinfotube. So below cartoons online free apps are waiting for your android devices.

Top watch cartoons online apps

Cartoon free

If you love to watch cartoon along with animated movies than you must try this cartoon free application. It is perfect world’s leading cartoon online application that enables you to watch cartoon online anime. You can easily search favorite cartoon or streaming movie to watch online; equally popular among kids and adults. This watch cartoon online app is the perfect option for the whole family members to spare their free time.

  • It has choice of more than 3000 cartoon movies
  • You can watch cartoons online free.
  • Can quickly search comic among collection of comic strips
  • You can place cartoons on safe mode for a while to see in company of kids
  • Demands no subscription
  • Allows to share cartoon with friends on social via

Cartoons free - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Tubi free movies and shows

Tubi is considered high ranked online streaming apps. It ‘s key feature is automatically process the award winning movies, serials of dramas, hosted TV shows and as much as which you can. The significant emphasis is on the classification of drama genres which user ether a kid or adult can assembly app line style as want and settings the other features to assume their day to day activities.

  • Instantly can watch HD movies and TV shows with favorite Hollywood stars
  • Add new HD animated movies every week for much entertainment
  • Easy user interface
  • Give feeling of ownership with option of marked videos to watch later
  • Download free from app store
  • Serial which like to watch can search from catalog of drama genres
  • no paid subscription

Tubi - Free Movies TV Shows - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Cartoon hub

Cartoon hub is an excellent watch free cartoons app for your kids because it has nice collection of cartoons such as motupatul, Tom and Jerry, new Jan cartoons as well as animated movies etc. format of app is well structured and your kid can use it with utter ease. After install user can watch cartoons of your choice on any android device. The features of this elegant watchcartoononline app are below.

  • Absolutely free and runs smoothly both in online and offline mode
  • Over 100+ videos also has full morale stories
  • Cartoon videos are categorized as under Pink panther, Babul Dablu, chota bheem etc
  • Adjusting sound volume of videos
  • Careful about battery power as it has much ads.

Cartoons HUB – Funny Cartoon videos movies - Theinfotube

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YouTube is known as whale in the pool of online movies, cartoon online, it is most wanted platform not only for just movies, still official tutorials, individually immense of people use it after every hour surely it’s better to assume knowledge from books. But pleasantly surprised others than assumed more knowledge in precise manner and save to crunch time. Youtube educated tutorials are best end for all this. But my article point is cartoon services than come it.
Just add syllables you make seek sequence of entire cartoons. To watch cartoons online in the prescribed option just one tap video will run in screen. If you liked a cartoon, simply add keywords within search field newly page will appear related with the title. Youtube is an ideal source of watch cartoons online free that offer you huge collection of classic and modern age cartoon streaming without any cost.

  • A safe online experience for kid’s entertainment
  • Allows you to block videos and channel which never like to see
  • Offers in numbers of thousands education related articles
  • Ability to regenerate ideas mind
  • user friendly interface
  • Streaming movies and whatever you want
  • You can add your own videos
  • All kinds of videos for all kinds of kids
  • Subscribe videos to get it
  • Save and share videos via social networks

YouTube - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Toonz – watch cartoons & Anime free

Toonz is an online streaming platform to watch cartoons free online developed by brostudiio for all android users transforms in old era as it has option to watch online cartoons of elderly age. You can select any one of them according to interest. It is the most cartoon online app with huge collection of cartoon videos including Johny Bravo, courage the cowardly dog and lot more. Other powerful features are these

  • let to see cartoons& animated movies free
  • You send request for favorite cartoon
  • Has good quality content for kids
  • All cartoons and movies updated on daily basis
  • Has easy to use interface
  • Watch online cartoons free of cost
  • Downloaded 10,000+

Toonz - Watch Cartoons - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Cartoon TV

An exemplar free cartoon app to stream cartoons in online mode for android devices. Free cartoon TV offers an amazing collection of TV cartoons along tons of episodes, series and animated movies and provides you chance of entertainment. This app let you to watch cartoons by just after installing the app without any hurdle. Regularly updating of this cartoon online app is the most important feature of this watchcartoononline app. So you have access to new episodes as well and can watch cartoons free online.

  • Continuously adding new cartoon episodes
  • Idal Choice for cartoon lovers
  • Free Download

Cartoon TV - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Kidoodle. TV cartoon for kids

Have fun and learn with kidoodle; thousands of videos, watch cartoons online free, games and serial of cartoons, nice shows created for child and allows you to line up family memories of past time. It works in smooth manner like other android cartoon online apps, help to identify kids with funny characters of cartoons on funny mode. The downside is premium charge to the each product of that app.

  • Can accumulate favorite one among the entire library content
  • Allows to create your own profile, option customization in color, avator , in title selection as well as need of age
  • Have lot of fun with lyrical songs
  • Introduce educational and nice learning tools for kids
  • Has complete backup of watched videos
  • Create child mentality

Kidoodle.TV - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play


Surely listed all watch cartoons online apps are great but this one is special in it supports online TV apps that would be perfect to play TV shows and movies and others videos can commonly to run on. Among the good content of cartoon online you can search your favorite one to stream out.

  • Cartoon serials are taken from cartoon network
  • Content of entertainment library can enhance as wish
  • Would be feel lot of better if connect too tabs but all in all great at all.

Walkthrough For Hulu TV - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

Pluto TV

Pluto TV you might heard name of it or not does not matter. This brand new version offered in april of this year, retrieves list of movies, TV dramas currently showed on public places. Within it can also get more info like synopsis, ratings and trails of movie as well. The app is well structured and menu is evident continuously use of it other features are might handy.

  • simple and modern design
  • can utilize app database for movie or drama
  • can see official movie trailers and teasers
  • read reviews from other users
  • save movies in your favorite list

Pluto TV - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play


This app enables to watch cartoons anime movies without paying any premiums. There you see nice exhibits of cartoons free of cost. App all contents are great itself and proves its worth.

  • Here you can see full episodes of cartoons
  • Latest episodes of cartoons with notification system
  • Installs 100,000+

ZenFlix - Theinfotube

Download on Google Play

My above selected watch cartoons online apps are really great itself and enables to make your time more and more pleasant. You can easily watch cartoons on your android device anytime and anywhere without any wait. Enormous collections of cartoon online are awaiting you. I suggest you to n try one of these and let me know your views in your comments.


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